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A Look Back at the 24th Annual Lucky 7 PPA Benefit Car Show

As we look back on the vibrant spectacle of the 24th Annual PPA Benefit Car Show Lucky 7 Car Show held in 2023, the memories still shine brightly. Enthusiasts and car aficionados alike gathered to witness a stunning array of classic, vintage, and custom vehicles, each meticulously restored or uniquely modified. From sleek muscle cars to elegant classics, every corner of the venue was a testament to the enduring passion for automotive craftsmanship.

The event was not just about showcasing vehicles; it was a celebration of community spirit and charitable giving, with proceeds benefiting worthy causes supported by the PPA. As we reminisce on the revving engines, gleaming chrome, and camaraderie shared among attendees, we invite you to relive the magic through the captivating photos captured during the 2023 show.

And as we eagerly anticipate the next chapter, mark your calendars for the 25th Annual PPA Benefit Car Show Lucky 7 Car Show, set to take place in August 2024. Stay tuned for updates and be part of the legacy as we continue to drive forward for a cause. Learn more about the upcoming event and how you can get involved on our website.


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