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A Place to Convene

Every community needs a Center. This will be a place to learn and share about current events, important community issues, and find commonality; a place to come together.


Promoting Community Discussion

In every community, there is a need for a gathering place, where people can come together, share ideas, and find common ground. A place where important issues can be discussed, and solutions found. A place that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of everyone's unique perspectives. The Center will speak directly to these needs.

  • There is no regional venue suitable for large public gatherings.

  • Area elected officials have no venue in which to share civic programs and information.

  • Visiting federal and state leaders have no venue suitable for large VIP presentations.

  • Regional civic and community organizations have no venue in which to convene meetings and conferences.

Important Community Issues
Local Community

Quality of Life & Economic Stimulus

  • The community will have a central facility in which to gather for important presentations, conferences, special events, and visiting dignitaries.

  • Regional organizations can hold conferences and large meetings that support their work and increase their prominence.

  • The Center will become a draw for programs that showcase the region’s unique position in conservation, sustainability, Native American culture, and natural history.

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