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School Facilities for Arts Education

The Del Norte Center for the Performing Arts will first and foremost be dedicated to supporting the arts education curricula in Del Norte and Curry Counties. Designed to accommodate music, dance, and theater, the Center will provide both rehearsal and performance space, and state-of-the-art technical facilities.


Need for A Facility

  • The largest concert-appropriate venue in the county only seats 385 people, with a stage too small for most performing groups.

  • The lack of performance venues puts kids at a massive disadvantage when compared to most other districts in the state.

  • Del Norte’s students have a strong interest in the performing arts but no facilities in which to rehearse and perform.

  • The students and teachers provide countless testimonials about the fact that without an adequate facility, they can’t fulfill their aspirations.

  • Music, theater, and dance are severely constrained by the lack of a suitable venue, stifling creativity and robbing students of the opportunity to perform for their peers, parents, and community.

  • Most families here cannot afford to take their children to performances outside the area; the Center will allow us to bring the world to them.

Education in the region has suffered as the economy declined. High rates of poverty reduce the resources available to students, leading to increased rates of absenteeism, and a prevailing attitude of diminished hope.

Compared to the California Average College Graduation Rates (19.3%), Del Norte County's College Graduation Rates are significantly lower at (9.4%).





College Graduation Rates



The Center will provide a standard of excellence and place of pride and unity for Del Norte County’s students.

  • Students of all ages will have increased access to performing arts whether they are in the audience or on the stage.

  • Larger student ensembles will be possible. 

  • Parents and family members will have a proper venue to celebrate their children’s accomplishments and a facility that makes the performing arts experience equal to what sports teams have enjoyed for decades.

  • Decades of research have confirmed the myriad benefits of access to music education.


Our kids and parents deserve better than concerts in the gym!

The Del Norte Center’s impact is not just a benefit to kids studying performing arts: it’s a benefit to all kids in the District.


Each year, district and charter schools school kids will experience:

  • 4 Performances by student ensembles

  • 10 Performances by Regional Partners

A recent study of 112,916 students in British Columbia showed that students who participated in music classes scored higher on standardized tests for 10th-grade English, math, and science. Students who were highly engaged in music were over one year ahead academically compared to their peers.

It’s simple and it’s proven, many times over: 

  • Students who take band regularly perform well above their non-band peers in the classroom – music makes you smarter!

  • In addition, encouraging creative growth alongside analytical (science, technology, engineering, and math) puts more tools in the toolbox (your brain!).

  • Students who take music classes are more likely to go to college or university, give back to their communities, and be successful in life.


Students in

10 Years


Students in

One Year



Partnership for the Performing Arts (PPA) was formed in 2021 to realize one transformative vision: the development of a 1,000-seat multi-purpose performing arts venue. This one project will touch everyone in its radius: students, families, teachers, artists, business owners, and residents of all ages, interests, cultures, and perspectives.

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