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A Community Rises


  • Students will have a facility that will transform their educational experience and give them equal access to resources most others take for granted.

  • Local and regional businesses will benefit from the increased economic activity that comes with attendance at performances, community gatherings, conferences, and special events.

  • An incredibly diverse local and regional community will have a venue in which to showcase its talents and celebrate its cultural richness.

  • Area residents will experience an ongoing range of professional performing artists they currently must travel hundreds of miles to see.

  • A community regularly exposed to the threat of tsunamis will have a much-needed emergency evacuation center inside the city limits, outside the tsunami zone, and located on the high school campus, which includes a cafeteria.

  • A community that has struggled for decades in the face of economic decline and loss of identity will rise with new pride as a hub for the arts, creativity, education, safety, and excellence.

Building the Del Norte Center for the Performing Arts

PPA is undertaking what will be a transformative project for the whole of Del Norte County: development of a 1,000 seat multi-purpose performing arts venue on the campus of Del Norte High School.

The desire for Crescent City and Del Norte County to have a large, high-quality performance venue and gathering space, especially one to support the school district, has existed for several generations. In discussions with DNHS alumni and friends, it is frequently heard that this is a project that should have been done many years ago.

1959 band.png

This performance begins with you!

The Campaign to build the Del Norte Center for the Performing Arts is a grand and transformative project. It is going to take everyone who cares deeply about the arts, arts education, and equal opportunities for rural communities to join hands. 


This is a whole-of-community project that will take a whole-of-community effort. Whether you’re a former Del Norte High School student who remembers performing in the gymnasium, a parent or friend who believes our students should have the same resources as every high school, or a passionate performing arts fan who wishes to see more local offerings, we ask you to join us. 


The Center will offer wonderful opportunities to honor teachers, mentors, loved ones and colleagues through gifts of support. You can make a gift right now by clicking the “Donate” button, or contacting us to discuss other options. If you are a Del Norte alum, please consider reaching out to your classmates and encouraging them to participate in the campaign too.


If each person who cares does their part, a new venue will rise just like a great performance. The applause will last for generations.

To learn more about the Campaign to build the Del Norte Center for the Performing Arts, please click HERE.

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