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Partnership For The
Performing Arts

"Students first, community second, and visiting performers third."

To maximize the opportunities for cultural enrichment in Del Norte and Curry counties through education, performing arts, and civic activities.



Partnership for the Performing Arts (PPA) was formed in 2021 to realize one transformative vision: the development of a 1,000-seat multi-purpose performing arts venue. This one project will touch everyone in its radius: students, families, teachers, artists, business owners, and residents of all ages, interests, cultures, and perspectives.


To maximize the opportunities for cultural enrichment in Del Norte and Curry counties through education, performing arts, and civic activities.

Music is a gift to be shared


Transformation of an underserved community through improved access to the arts, creativity, education, safety, and excellence.

  • The Center will provide students with an invaluable educational experience and give them equal access to resources most others take for granted.

  • An incredibly diverse local and regional community will have a venue in which to showcase its talents and celebrate its cultural richness.

  • Area residents will experience an ongoing range of professional performing artists they currently must travel hundreds of miles to see.

  • Local and regional businesses will benefit from the increased economic activity that comes with attendance at performances, community gatherings, conferences, and special events.

  • A community regularly exposed to the threat of tsunamis will have a much-needed emergency evacuation center inside the city limits, outside the tsunami zone, and located on the high school campus, which includes a cafeteria.

  • A community that has struggled for decades in the face of economic decline and loss of identity will rise with new pride as a hub for the arts, creativity, education, safety, and excellence


  • We lead with opportunity for our youth.

  • We believe in equal access to the arts.

  • We listen, and our door is always open.

The Campaign

Our vision is aspirational. With a campaign goal of $42 Million, initial preparations are currently underway, with an anticipated completion date of January 2028.

The dollars raised will be used to cover all aspects of the design and construction, as well as create endowment funds to support arts programs and scholarships, and sustain the ongoing operations of the Center.

We intend for this project to be a powerful resource that leverages investments to stimulate economic strength and vitality. Thus, we will seek to raise the majority of funds from outside of Del Norte County. It will represent a transformative affirmation of the community we love and cherish, and an investment in countless generations to come.

Seize the Moment — Get Involved Now!

This is an opportunity for everyone who cares about education, equality, justice, community, and the arts, to let their voices be heard. 
Think about what is most important to you. Many decades from now, you will be known as someone who stood up for real impact.

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