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Economic Engine

Crescent City and Del Norte County will be able to attract teachers, artists, visitors, professionals, and families as a result of the Center's efforts to elevate their visibility and establish them as centers of excellence and opportunity.


The Path Of Opportunity

The Facilities For The Arts Education is one elegant addition to the local business community can drive so much positive change.​

Del Norte County ranks among the five lowest counties in California for per capita income, and has a median per capita income of $24,708, compared to the state average of $33,700.



Del Norte County


Los Angeles County




students in the district

2017 Student Data


Qualify for free or reduced lunch

A True Public & Private Partnership

Del Norte Unified School District
Partnership for the Performing Arts
Crescent City - Del Norte County
County of Del Norte
Crescent City Harbor District
City of Crescent City

Building A Cultural Destination

The Center can leverage Del Norte County's Powerful Assets.

  • The County has an annual influx of 1,474,871 visitors per year.

  • Del Norte County has incredible natural surroundings. There is a well-documented connection between people who visit national parks or national forests and arts attendees.

How the Engine Works

  • Starts with a $42M capital investment from private and government sources outside of Del Norte County.

  • Americans for the Arts studies have shown that arts audiences spend an average of $31.47 on top of tickets.

  • PPA plans to present 50 touring performers a year, with an average attendance of over 500 per event.

  • Cultural tourists spend 2X more than other tourists.

  • 68% of all tourism in the US is driven by arts

Arts in Rural Communities

  • 1/3 of attendees are from outside the county

  • 2/3 say that the arts were the main reason for visiting the community

  • 41% said they would go somewhere else if the arts weren't there

  • 35.3 million Americans say that arts, cultural, or heritage activities influenced their choice of destination

Economic data by the Dept. of Human Ecology, Community & Regional Development Program, UC Davis, 2023.

Elk ecotourism
Woman Walking in Forest

Sense of Place Supports Livability

  • The arts reinforce the sense of “place” that builds the magnetism of a community

  • Access to arts attracts a diverse, high-skilled, high-salary workforce

  • Sense of place provides a vital tool to retain youth in their communities and encourages them to contribute to its prosperity

  • Arts have a close link to entrepreneurship. A vibrant arts sector fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and inspires professionals.

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