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Civic Impact

The Center’s mission will extend beyond the school grounds. It will provide a dignified venue to host regional civic programs, visiting government leaders and VIP’s, and community forums.



The Center will provide a home for the region’s many professional and volunteer performing arts organizations, and a high-quality venue to attract visiting professional artists. Because of its inter-linked mission with the school districts, visiting artists can be engaged to provide special learning opportunities for students.

The Center will act as an economic stimulus and hub of activity, it will serve as a gathering place for students, families, and community organizations, it will foster a renewed sense of pride in a community that has struggled economically, and it will proclaim boldly that the Wild Rivers region is an excellent place to raise a family and enjoy the varied richness of human endeavor. Thus, the Center project promises to be truly transformative for the entire community.

The Center will raise the profiles of Crescent City and Del Norte County, establish them as places that speak for excellence and opportunity, and enable them to attract teachers, artists, visitors, professionals, and families.

We are especially cognizant of the fact that Del Norte County has great potential as a destination for eco-tourism, given its rich biodiversity, range of terrains and climates, and large areas of pristine wilderness.

It is a long-term investment in the health, stability, and standard of living of a community that has long been forgotten.

All Hands In


The Center for the Performing Arts will serve several purposes, well beyond the celebration of the arts and the regional and local cultural diversity. The Center will function as a center for education, professional performances to boost tourist and economic activity, conferences, special events, and more, as well as a tsunami evacuation zone.

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