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Partnership for the Performing Arts (PPA) began through the vision of a group of Crescent City High School alumni and teachers, who recognize the need to strengthen the future vitality of their community by investing in educational opportunity, building shared community resources, celebrating the region’s unique cultural heritage and environmental splendor, and establishing a regional hub for civic and educational gatherings.


We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of the Wild Rivers region. At the same time, we’re working to offset the geographic challenges that can make it harder to come together in this beautiful and remote region. 


As we’ve shared our vision, we’ve learned that there are countless ways we can strengthen our community. We’ve already developed a close alliance between the Del Norte and Curry County School Districts to maximize the impact of our education programs with great efficiency. We’re supporting the region’s vibrant nonprofit community by cross-promoting and serving as a hub for activities. And, we’re reaching out to the area’s business owners to find out how we can best partner with them.


● We stand for equal opportunities for all young people.

● We believe that rural communities should not be penalized for their smaller populations or distance from urban centers.

● We believe in the power of the arts as a source of inspiration, self confidence, pride, collaboration, teamwork, diligence, personal expression, joy, cultural celebration, thoughtful exploration, and standard of excellence.

● We believe access to arts leads to a more well-rounded education for our youth, and eventually to more successful, productive adults who will continue to pay their good fortune forward.

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