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Access to the Arts

We can bring the world to Crescent City. The Center will be a destination for artists, influencers and thought leaders, a place to learn and a place to grow.


Igniting Passion for the Arts

Imagine a place that has the power to broaden our worldview, inspire creativity and passion, where artists, influencers, and thought leaders come together to collaborate, learn, and share their unique perspectives. A place that buzzes with energy, innovation, and excitement. This is what the Center will be for our community. 

  • There is no regional concert-appropriate venue suitable for hosting touring musicians, dancers, theater ensembles, or any of the other people who are shaping our world.

  • Locals must travel hundreds of miles for these opportunities, and most cannot afford to. Therefore, we need to be able to bring the world here to them, especially for our youth.

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Quality of Life & Economic Stimulus

  • Residents enjoy improved quality of life and access to top-level entertainment.

  • The region becomes known as a destination for stunning natural beauty, cultural enrichment, and great performing arts.

  • Residents don’t have to travel outside of the area to access performing arts, which keeps their spending local and reduces their costs.

  • Economic growth is stimulated by re-infusing local dollars back into the economy.

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